CREATED Sep 20, 2006

tayst / Jeremy Barlow

2 ½ c Corn Kernels, roasted 
2 each Shallots, minced 
1/3 c + 1 T Heavy Cream 
1 each Egg Yolk  
Salt and Pepper  
Sugar, If needed

Get 7-8 ears of the sweetest corn possible and roast them in their husks at 350 degrees until soft to the touch.  Let them cool and desilk them before cutting the kernels off of the cob.  (If you have an electric oven you might want to trim the dry hair from the outside so it does not touch the coils and catch on fire.)

Mince 2 shallots and sweat them in a pan over low heat until they become soft and translucent.  Place into a bowl big enough to hold all of the ingredients.  Add the egg yolk to the shallots and froth lightly with whip until you get about double the volume.  Add heavy cream and combine well.   Add corn and combine well again. Season to your desired taste with salt and pepper.  If the corn is not as sweet as you would like add a small amount of sugar to make up for it. 

Pour mix into a buttered dish big enough for a family style serving or into individual serving dishes like a brulée ramekin.  The size is dependant on how you would like to serve it and the only change will be the length of cooking time.  Bake at 425 degrees until it is hot all the way through.  It should poof just slightly but it won't rise that much.  About five to eight minutes for individual servings and maybe 15 minutes for a family style portion. 

Serves 6