HOTLINE: Thursday, December 19, 2013

HOTLINE: Thursday, December 19, 2013

CREATED Dec 19, 2013

RECIPE # 5108 / JENNIFER JUSTUS / FOOD WRITER & BLOGGER: Jennifer made Mas Tacos' famous Chicken Tortilla Soup. To get a copy of this recipe click here: For more information about her blog visit

MONEYSAVING IDEAS / MARY HANCE / MS. CHEAP: Mary showed us cheap Christmas ornaments that were winners in her holiday contest. For more of Ms. Cheap's money-saving ideas, visit her website

TOYS / REYNE RICE / TOY TRENDS EXPERT: Reyne showed us some of the most popular toys on kids' wish lists this year. For more information on the toys Reyne showed, visit

DENTAL / DR. BRANDON SIMS / INDIAN LAKE DENTAL CLINIC: Dr. Sims talked to us about sedation dentistry. Indian Lake Dental Clinic is located at 209 Indian Lake Blvd, Suite 102 in Hendersonville, TN. For more information, call (615) 824-2926 or visit