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Pack of coyotes hunt Burbank man and his dog


Pack of coyotes hunt Burbank man and his dog

By Phyllis Stark. CREATED Aug 1, 2014

A Burbank, California, man says his neighborhood is being terrorized by an aggressive pack of coyotes, and that he and his 130-pound dog were “hunted” by the animals while they were out for a walk earlier this week. Mendoza describes the incident to KTLA Los Angeles as being like something out of a horror movie.

Surveillance cameras on Nick Mendoza’s home show a pack of coyotes running back and forth across his lawn like deer, and Mendoza says that pack is getting bigger and more aggressive. A few nights after the surveillance video was shot, he says seven or eight coyotes advanced on him while he was out walking the dog. He feared he would not get the elderly dog home safely in time. He did, but just barely. After securing the dog, he tried to chase the advancing coyotes away from his property with a shovel, then got in his car and eventually succeeded in scaring them off by flashing his headlights.
“They were hunting in a pack,” he tells KTLA.
Coyotes have become an increasing problem in Burbank, as the area’s drought has depleted resources in the mountains were they normally reside and forced them to hunt in residential neighborhoods.
Phyllis Stark

Phyllis Stark

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