Nashville Sounds Host 'Peanut Free' Game Monday

Nashville Sounds Host 'Peanut Free' Game Monday

CREATED Jul 21, 2014

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP/NewsChannel 5) - While they may buy hot dogs at the Nashville Sounds ballpark, for at least one night there will be no peanuts.

The Sounds' staff has spent several days scrubbing nearly 10,000 seats at Greer Stadium in preparation for a "Peanut Free" game Monday night. First pitch will be at 7:05 p.m. against the Colorado Springs Sky Sox.

After scrubbing down the park, Sounds General Manager Brad Tammen said no peanuts will be sold. Even products like Dippin' Dots will be removed because of their trace amounts of nut residue.

Tammen said even if there is an extra cost, it is worth it to allow fans who wouldn't normally attend a game because of allergies to make it to the ballpark.

Kids will even get a chance to run the bases following the game.

This season marks the Sounds' second peanut-free night.

More than three million Americans suffer from peanut allergies, with as many as one-third of peanut-sensitive people having severe near-fatal or fatal reactions due to anaphylactic shock from exposure to peanuts.

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