Askins Lawyer Downplays Auditors' Findings

Askins Lawyer Downplays Auditors' Findings

By Phil Williams. CREATED Jul 24, 2012

COOKEVILLE, Tenn. -- An attorney for Wendy Askins claims state auditors have found very little in their investigation of the scandal involving the Upper Cumberland Development District.

Askins resigned back in March amid questions about how she transferred hundreds of thousands of dollars in agency funds to the million-dollar Living the Dream facility.

Someone even created bogus minutes to justify some of the money.

But her attorney, Jack Lowery, claims in a letter just sent to the agency's board that auditors have only questioned a little more than $1,200 that she spent -- and that she has written a check to pay back that money.

"I am amazed that ... it has now come down to a discrepancy of $1,229," Lowery wrote. "It is regrettable that the news media has literally destroyed this woman's reputation."

A lawyer hired by the UCDD board uncovered several questionable transactions that Askins approved.

The audit has not yet been officially completed, and state auditors had no comment on Lowery's letter.

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