Judge Freezes Personal Accounts Of HRC Medical Owners

Judge Freezes Personal Accounts Of HRC Medical Owners

CREATED May 31, 2013

by Jennifer Kraus
Consumer Investigator

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - A judge has frozen the personal assets of the two men who once ran HRC Medical.

That means brothers Dan and Don Hale will no longer have direct access to their own money, but instead will have to go to a court-appointed money manager to get cash each month.

The state sued HRC last fall for failing to warn patients of the risks of its hormone treatments. The state asked the judge last week to freeze the Hales' assets after accusing them and their wives of raiding HRC's accounts and helping themselves to more than a million dollars of the company's money.

In the judge's just-released ruling, the judge stated that there's good reason to believe the Hales fraudulently transferred the money trying to hide it from prosecutors.

Attorneys for the state said they want to use HRC's money to compensate former patients who suffered health problems from HRC's hormone therapy as NewsChannel 5 Investigates first reported.

The state also wanted the accounts of Don and Dan Hale's wives to be frozen because it alleges they too received money they shouldn't have from HRC. Both women are due in court on Friday.

In a separate ruling, the judge removed the temporary restraining order against Bella Vita Medical, the entity that now owns the former HRC Medical clinic in Nashville.

The judge also ordered Bella Vita's assets, which had been placed under the control of a court-appointed money manager, to be returned. The judge said the state had failed to prove that Bella Vita was a part of the alleged conspiracy involving the owners of HRC to hide assets from prosecutors.

Still, the judge stated that a  monetary judgement could still be levied against Bella Vita as the case progresses if it is ever determined that Bella Vita violated the law.