HRC Medical Founders In Court On Charge Of Misleading Patients

HRC Medical Founders In Court On Charge Of Misleading Patients

CREATED Nov 15, 2012

by Jennifer Kraus
Consumer Investigator

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Lawyers from the state attorney general's office told a judge Thursday that HRC Medical misled and deceived patients about its hormone replacement therapy.

The state sued the Franklin-based company in October citing complaints from dozens of patients, some of whom first shared with NewsChannel 5 Investigates the problems they experienced.

Brothers Don and Dan Hale who founded and ran HRC, sat in court and listened as the attorney general's office described how HRC failed to warn patients about the various health problems associated with HRC's hormone replacement therapy.

The state also insisted HRC overstated and even fabricated claims about the therapy's benefits, Dr. Dan Hale's expertise and the number of satisfied customers.

"Because of the gravity of the allegations and because of the pervasive nature of the misrepresentations and the health and safety of Tennessee consumers, we've taken the extra step of requesting a TRO, a temporary injunction, and that a receiver be put in place," said attorney Carolyn Smith with the Tennessee Attorney General's Office.

Dan Hale's attorney said his client did not intentionally mislead patients.

"The bottom line on behalf of Dr. Hale is that he simply has not made any intentionally or materially false statements in his treatment of patients and his talking of the benefits of BHRT. He has studied this. He believes these statements," said attorney Wade Davies.

Late Wednesday, HRC's attorneys filed lengthy sworn statements from both Dan and Don Hale, their own expert and about 30 of what HRC's lawyers described as "satisfied" customers.

Those documents were not filed in time for the judge and state's attorneys to review, so no decision came out of the hearing. Both sides will back in court to make their closing arguments in three weeks.

Meanwhile, the Attorney General's office has sent more than 9,000 letters to HRC patients in Tennessee explaining how the state has sued HRC Medical and, in bold letters, urged patients to contact their personal health care provider to discuss any possible effects HRC's hormone replacement therapy may have had on them.

If you are or were an HRC patient and have experienced problems, you can call the Attorney General's office at 615-741-1671.

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