Judge Blocks HRC From Claiming Treatment Is Safe

Judge Blocks HRC From Claiming Treatment Is Safe

CREATED Oct 11, 2012

By Jennifer Kraus
Consumer Investigator

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - A Davidson County judge has issued a temporary restraining order against Nashville-based HRC Medical.

The order bans HRC from promoting its hormone replacement program as being safe, and it puts a lot of new restrictions on its advertising.

This comes just days after the state Attorney General sued HRC and asked that the company be shut down. To be clear, this order does not put HRC out of business. But it does put serious restrictions on HRC and how it markets and advertises its hormone replacement therapy, known as Amor Vie.

As NewsChannel 5 Investigates first exposed nearly a year ago, HRC has long made questionable claims about its heavily promoted hormone therapy. Monday, the Tennessee Attorney General's office filed a massive complaint against HRC, alleging the company "endangered the health of consumers without their knowledge" and repeatedly made "false and misleading statements."

Wednesday's restraining order states that when promoting its "bio-identical hormone replacement therapy," HRC must also disclose a lengthy list of possible side effects. The company cannot make unsubstantiated claims or misrepresent the number of satisfied customers. HRC must clearly indicate when employees or family members are appear in ads or when a patient who's been compensated is featured. And, the company is barred from forcing patients into non-refundable contracts before its even determined whether they need the therapy.

Jeff Hill, Senior Counsel with the A.G.'s Office told NewsChannel 5 Investigates this is just first step in what will likely be a long legal process.

Read the HRC temporary restraining order
Read the lawsuit filed against HRC Medical

"Our hope would be that the conduct would be stopped, consumers understand what they're getting when they go to HRC, and that we can get money back to consumers, if possible, " he explained.

When this report was filed, nearly 8 hours after the court order had been signed, HRC's website still had not been changed to comply with the court order.

If you are or have been an HRC patient and have experienced any sort of side effects, the Attorney General's Office wants to hear from you as soon as possible. Call 615-741-1671.

The Attorney General also strongly encourages anyone who's had hormone therapy at HRC to see his or her primary care physician as soon as possible to be checked out and to discuss possible long-term effects, some of which are very serious.

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