Company Says 16 Mapco Customers Affected By Glitch

Company Says 16 Mapco Customers Affected By Glitch

CREATED Jul 13, 2012

By Jennifer Kraus
Consumer Investigator

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- NewsChannel 5 has learned that the problems experienced by customers using debit cards at Mapco was even bigger than was first known.

Our investigation first revealed how one Mapco customer who was overcharged more $84,000 for a tank of gas. Then, two more customers came forward saying they too had their bank accounts essentially cleared out after buying gas at area stations.

Now, oil company BP, Mapco's business partner, tells us that 16 customers here all had the same problem in the last 10 days or so.  BP processes debit card transactions for Mapco.

We first learned of it on Wednesday when we talked with Ray Crockett who bought $30 worth of gas at a Donelson Mapco and ended up being charged more than $84,000.

"$84,522.54, to be exact," Crockett told NewsChannel 5 Investigates.

Other customers then told us they bought gas from Mapco stations in Murfreesboro and Hermitage -- and the same sort of thing happened to them.

All three customers used their debit cards and were shocked to discover that their banks paid the tens of thousands of dollars in charges and then froze their accounts, leaving them with no money or any way to get any money.

For two days, Mapco refused to tell us how widespread the problem was.

Finally, when we talked with BP late Friday afternoon, we were able to verify that this was a bigger problem than originally thought.

BP tells NewsChannel 5 Investigates though they now believe they've found what caused the glitch.

They say it was a technical issue with their debit card processing system. They tell us they have a new point-of-sale system that apparently had some bugs.

But they insist the problem has now been fixed.

BP apologizes for any inconvenience this has caused customers.

A company spokesperson said they are still working to get things resolved with two of the 16 customers.

Two of the customers that we've talked with say their banks are still working to sort things out, but they do have access to their money now finally.

BP wouldn't tell us just how much money in all was charged to the 16 customers.

However, the three customers we talked with were charged a total of $227,000 for less than 20 gallons of gas.

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