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Consumers Be Wary Of Recalled Items For Sale

Consumers Be Wary Of Recalled Items For Sale

CREATED Dec 1, 2009

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - A NewsChannel 5 investigation found shoppers could wind up buying something that's dangerous and has been recalled because of safety concerns. 

The law says it's illegal to sell anything that's been recalled. Our Consumer Investigator Jennifer Kraus discovered the items are still being sold.

Earlier this month, millions of Maclaren strollers were recalled after children had finger tips cut off by a hinge on the stroller. 

Not long after, people in the Nashville area were selling the same strollers on Craig's list. 

Last year, President Bush signed something into law called the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. People can not resell anything that has been recalled.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission said the law is designed to protect consumers from unsafe products. 

Also on Craig's list there were other recalled items for sale. 

The ad for a DVD player said "it works great." The CPSC said it can overheat and catch on fire.

An ad for a coffee maker said there's "nothing wrong with it." The appliance was recalled after several of them exploded and burned the people using them. 

"I don't think the general public keeps up with what the CPSC says," said Suzanne Kay-Pittman with Goodwill of Middle Tennessee. "There are new items listed probably daily." 

Kay-Pittman was not surprised by what NewsChannel 5 found for sale on line. She said at Goodwill keeping up with what they can sell and what they can't sell takes a lot of work. 

"If it's recalled, I will send it on the belt. We do not send them to the stores at all. It'll go out to the trash," said Shanika Wood with Goodwill of Middle Tennessee. 

Everything that's donated to Goodwill is carefully sorted before it's sent to stores. Employees on the sorting lines all have notebooks nearby filled with all of the CPSC's recall notices to refer to. 

"As anything comes in from the CPSC, any new recalls, these items go directly into our books, and we notify everyone within the company who would be handling these items," said Kay-Pittman.

Before consumers buy or sell something online, It's a good idea to go to the CPSC's website and find out whether that item has been recalled

The resale law applies to anyone who sells consumer products, and that includes thrift stores, consignment stores, charities and anyone who holds a yard sale, sells at a flea market or on-line.

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