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Security Company Faces Federal, State Investigation

Security Company Faces Federal, State Investigation

CREATED Apr 9, 2009

A Nashville company accused of ripping people off across the country is now under investigation by both state and federal authorities.

And it's a company NewsChannel 5 Investigates first exposed two years ago.

Consumer investigator Jennifer Kraus has learned more about the investigation and what the company's owner is doing now.

Two years ago, when we first tried to talk with Ricky Coleman about his company and what it was doing, he ordered us out of his office.

Coleman ran a web-based business known as both International Executive Services and Advancement Solutions.

Customers told us they'd paid the company thousands of dollars and gotten nothing in return.

Carl Wild, one former customer, told NewsChannel 5 Investigates, "It was a huge scam."

The Secret Service and TBI recently raided the company's office in Hermitage.  Agents seized computers, files, and the company's assets. And, not long after, the company moved out.

Now when you call International Executive Services' main number, you get a recorded message from Ricky Coleman that says, in part, "We regret to inform you that due to circumstances beyond our control, International Executive Services LLC can no longer provide services for our customers."

The company ran ads offering high-paying counter-terrorism and security jobs.

Customers showed us ads that they'd responded to suggesting salaries ranging from "$168,000 to $220,000 a year."

But folks who wanted these jobs were told they first had to pay thousands of dollars for training that they say never happened.

NewsChannel5 Investigates asked another former customer, Chris Dyer, "Did you get a class?"

His response, "No."

"What did you get?"

Dyer told us, "Nothing. I got ripped off."

Another former customer, Matt Buglehall, added, "There's no telling how many people have been taken by this company."

Ricky Coleman, the company's owner, now tells callers the recent raid put him out of business.

On his company's outgoing message he explains, "These actions have left us with no alternative but to close business due to this on-going investigation being conducted by the federal government."

But we have found that Coleman has simply changed the name of his company to RLC Enterprises. And on his new website, he offers similar training and services. And we found, he's running similar ads online under the new name, offering the same jobs and salaries.

Sources tell NewsChannel5 Investigates that Coleman is looking at possible mail fraud, wire fraud, and credit card fraud charges, at least in part, based on things we first exposed.

Coleman refused to do an interview with us, but in a statement he sent, he maintains he's done nothing wrong.

Coleman has spent time in jail for criminal impersonation, credit card fraud, and weapons charges.

As for this case, sources tell us it will probably be a while before any charges are filed because agents seized a considerable amount of stuff from his office and it will likely take time to go through it all.

If you've had problems with this company, you can call the U-S Secret Service at (615) 736-5841.

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