Questionable Career Agency Changes Its Name

Questionable Career Agency Changes Its Name

CREATED Nov 9, 2008

A warning for anyone looking for a job.

A NewsChannel 5 investigation first exposed the questionable business practices of a Brentwood-based company over the summer.

The company now has a new name, but not much else has changed.

After NewsChannel 5 first exposed how the company works, it changed its name to Nashville Career Partners. Then, clients reported that the company changed its name to Nashville Professional Search.

In the last 15 months, the company has also used the name Transforming America and Transition America.

NewsChannel 5 went undercover this summer and showed how the company charges clients thousands of dollars. It claimed to have inside connections at major corporations in town and promised clients it would get them hired in executive level positions.

Many people complained that the company only took their money and failed to secure the promised jobs. 

The company's owner declined comment this summer.

When asked about the recent name change, owner Ed Wozniak said the new name better communicated the company's mission.

But Better Business Bureau of Nashville said it's highly unusual for a company like this to keep changing its name.

"Usually we see companies change their name when they want to disassociate themselves with their past performance," said Kathleen Calligan, BBB president and chief executive officer.

"This company is still performing the same services. They're doing business the same way. The only thing different is that they're trying to put a new face on it with a new company name."

The Better Business Bureau recently revoked the company's membership because of a continuing pattern of complaints. The BBB also said the owners were not truthful when they applied for membership.

Since companies can change their name pretty easily when they run into problems - it's always a good idea to check out a business before you give them any money.

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