Mount Juliet Psychic Leaves Trail of Victims

Mount Juliet Psychic Leaves Trail of Victims

CREATED Sep 20, 2006
(Story created: 2/4/06)

A woman in Wilson County claims to be a psychic who can see into your past. But a NewsChannel 5 investigation has found she has her own dark past that she doesn't want you to know about.

NewsChannel 5 investigative reporter Jennifer Kraus uncovered the trail of troubles and victims this fortune-teller has left behind.


In the search for answers, some turn to God. Others turn to those who claim a special spiritual power.

"I don't know why I did this -- I don't," one victim says.

The man says he's now embarrassed to admit that he sought help from a self-proclaimed psychic who runs a fortune-telling business out of her home in Mount Juliet.

She now goes by the name, Miss Ann or Ann Miller.

But our investigation found that's just one of nearly a dozen names she's used over the years.

"She had me a believer," the victim says.

And it turns out, Miller told him a story much like one we found has gotten her in trouble in at least two other states.

"She actually wanted $5,000, but I only had $3,000 and it had to be cash."

This man says Miller somehow convinced him she was the only one who could lift a longstanding curse on him and his family - and, to do it, she had to bury his money along with an antique watch at a church in Kentucky for three months.

"She just reeled me in."

But after the curse was supposedly lifted, he says she gave him one excuse after another about why she supposedly couldn't give him his money back.

An police in Arkansas and Louisiana tell us miller has done the same thing in their states -- often with help from her family.

"They were conning people into giving their money and jewelry and other valuables under the pretext that they were going to remove a curse," says Capt. James Duvall of the Newport, Ark., Police Department.

That department arrested Miller - who, at the time, was using the name Janie Marks -- along with her parents almost ten years ago after police say the three stole more than $20,000 from just one victim.

"They're nothing more than a scam artist," Duvall says. "It's obvious they're well-experienced and know exactly what they're doing."

And in Ruston, Louisiana, police say Miller used the name "Sister Kennedy" and a similar scheme to steal $10,000 in cash and rack up $15,000 worth of purchases on another victim's credit cards.

"She's just taking advantage of all these people and making them believe that she can fix their problems," the local man says.

So, Kraus went to ask Miller about her past.

"I know you've been arrested for doing this same thing in other parts of the country," Kraus tells her.

She replies, "No, I haven't."

The woman who claims she can read minds obviously didn't know we knew about her arrests -- or had a copy of her mugshot.

"Who is this person right here?"

"OK, you can speak to my lawyer, sweetheart."

"That's you."


It's a picture ten years old but, without question, the same person.

Police who have arrested her say they're not surprised to hear she's back in business, and the local man wasn't surprised to hear he was not her first victim.

"She's so good at what she does."

But he hopes that, by speaking out, others won't turn to this woman hoping to get answers.

When we went to talk with Ann Miller, she told us she'd do an interview with us to set the record straight...still denying though that she'd done anything wrong.

However, she later had someone call us to tell us she'd changed her mind and wanted us to know, "She's learned her lesson and won't do anything like this anymore."

But still in the case of our victim, she wouldn't give him his money back until we called and asked about it.