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County Commissioner Arrested For Second Time

County Commissioner Arrested For Second Time

By Phil Williams. CREATED Nov 14, 2013

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - A Rutherford County commissioner has been arrested for the second time in a week.

Only NewsChannel 5 was there Wednesday night as Matthew Young was brought into Metro Police headquarters.

Young was arrested just last week for the alleged torture of a man as the result of a business deal gone bad.

Now, he's accused of engaging in a fraudulent ticket scheme with the alleged victim in that case.

As he was led into Nashville's Criminal Justice Center, Young blamed that man -- a man known as "Slim Shady" -- for all his troubles.

"You're Shady's last scam victim because he scammed you -- just like he got everybody else," Young told NewsChannel 5 Investigates.

"You'll find that out in the future, and you're going to know the truth."

We asked, "And did you scam anyone?"

Young did not answer.

Metro Police said their own investigation revealed that Young himself was involved in a conspiracy where three victims attempted to purchase tickets to concert and sporting events.

An investigation by fraud detective Anita Prather showed that the three victims paid a total of more than $65,000 in anticipation of tickets, but never received anything in return, according to a police news release.

Young, who is a firefighter in Murfreesboro, was arrested Wednesday evening at a fire hall by Rutherford County authorities acting at the request of Nashville fraud detectives, the news release said.

Young was then transported to the county line, where Metro police assumed custody of him.

The Davidson County Grand Jury issued theft indictments against Young.

Also charged is Kenneth Cooper -- the alleged victim in that torture case -- and Harvey Felsher. The Mississippi man was also arrested last week over Cooper's torture allegations.

Phil Williams

Phil Williams

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Phil Williams is chief investigative reporter for NewsChannel 5's nationally award-winning investigative team. His investigations have earned him journalism's highest honors.