Medical Board Suspends License Of Doctor Selling Pain Pills

Medical Board Suspends License Of Doctor Selling Pain Pills

CREATED Dec 3, 2012

by Ben Hall
Investigative Reporter

NASHVILLE, Tenn.- The state board that oversees doctors is cracking down on a doctor who was at the center of a NewsChannel 5 Investigation.

The Board of Medical Examiners suspended the medical license of Dr. James Pogue for six months, after our investigation showed people planning prescription drug sales outside his office.

Doctor Pogue ran Belmont Medical Group on Franklin Road in Nashville.

He admitted in an Agreed Order that he prescribed pain pills in such large amounts as to make it likely people would become addicted.

He also surrendered his pain clinic permit issued to him by the state.

In May, our undercover cameras caught conversations detailing the planned sale of prescription pain pills by people standing in front of Dr. Pogue's office.

One woman said, "I'm fixing to hand over 40 out of 150, so basically, I got make a little money on my Xanexes and my other sh**."

She then went on to explain how to get the best high from certain types of pain medication.

"Get all the coating off them take a hammer and break them."

Doctor James Pogue signed an Agreed Order admitting to "Gross Malpractice and Unethical Conduct."

The ruling from the state is an emotional victory for one woman.

"Thank goodness part of this effort has taken this doctor off the street," said the woman whose name we changed to Jane.

She agreed to record conversations outside the clinic after learning Dr. Pogue prescribed a close relative of hers up to 360 pain pills a month.

The relative paid for nearly $30,000 worth of pills last year, even though he did not have insurance or a job.

"I can't sit back and watch him do this anymore," Jane said earlier this year.

She wore a hidden microphone and talked to people outside Dr. Pogue's Office.

One person discussed how she sold extra pain pills for cash.

"I got probably 15 or 20 people I deal with back and forth. We go at different times. We always got something and nobody's sick, you know what I mean?" the woman said.

The story got the state's attention.

After its investigation, Dr. Pogue admitted he prescribed controlled substances to at least 21 people at such large levels that made it "likely they would become addicted."

He stated he "engaged in a pattern of ignorance, negligence or incompetence."

Jane believes her loved one is alive today because Dr. Pogue is no longer prescribing him pills.

Dr. Pogue must also pay a $22,000 fine, and he has lost his license to dispense controlled substances from the Drug Enforcement Administration.

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