Northeast High School Principal Retiring Immediately

Northeast High School Principal Retiring Immediately

CREATED Feb 28, 2014

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. – The principal of a Clarksville-Montgomery County School announced Friday that she is retiring immediately.

Officials with the Clarksville-Montgomery County School District said in a press release Friday that Galea Jefferies, principal of Northeast High School in Columbia is retiring, effective immediately.

School officials said Jefferies had intended to retire at the end of the year but due to what they called a "family member's health issue," she decided to retire early.

West Creek Assistant Principal Michael Tharpe, who district leaders said began his career at Northeast High, will take over as interim principal. According to the release, Kenwood High Assistant Principal Matt Jeffrey will take over Mr. Tharpe's position at West Creek.

The announcement comes only a few days after Northeast High School senior David Duren-Sanner was suspended after school officials found a knife inside his father's car. Duren-Sanner was originally suspended for 10 days, the maximum allowed under school policy, and was also reprimanded to attend 90 days at an alternative school.

The appeal board later decided to reduce his punishment to 30 days in alternative school, instead of 90 days after a petition posted online acquired nearly 20,000 signatures urging school officials to end his suspension and drop the charges against him.