Vandals Target Little League Ballpark

Vandals Target Little League Ballpark

CREATED Feb 22, 2014

by Aundrea Cline-Thomas

MADISON, Tenn. – It was supposed to be the perfect day to sign up for Madison's Little League. When players and coaches arrived to the club house it was trashed.

In seven weeks teams with Madison's Little League will throw out the first pitch. Saturday, parents arrived at the ballpark on Forest Park Road to register their kids for the upcoming season.

"It was such a beautiful day that I said, I'm not going upstairs (in the clubhouse) today," parent Heather Prior said about where she wanted to hold registration. "I'm just going to stay ...in the sunlight."

When Heather Prior and coaches arrived they learned vandals had beat them to the field.

"As I was coming in there was so much glass," Prior recalled. "There was glass everywhere. I was like where is all this glass coming from."

Even more shattered glass was in the clubhouse. The vandals somehow made it up to the second floor. They used a hammer to smash a display case and destroy the trophies inside. They set some paper on fire and even broke the vacuum, leaving the second floor in disarray.

Police took pictures, dusted for finger prints and looked for any other clues.

"This is the camera head," coach Joe Prior said while pointing to an area outside. "They just ripped the wires plumb out."

The last images the surveillance video captured show a teen or young man who comes into the frame and swats the camera on Wednesday around 4:30 p.m.  He goes out of sight and twenty seconds later the video goes to black. That person, coaches believe, can help solve this case.

"We had all that and we worked for it and all that. And they just wrecked it," player Chandler Prior explained.

Now this non-profit will have to rely on donations to replace everything that was damaged.

"Really you're just hurting the little kids…they just want to come out here to play baseball," Chandler's brother Joseph added.

Money can't buy the five decades worth memories tied to each one of the damaged trophies that signify the sacrifice and all of their hard work.

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