Derek Mason Added To Vanderbilt Mural Along West End

Derek Mason Added To Vanderbilt Mural Along West End

CREATED Feb 19, 2014

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – New Vanderbilt University football coach finally has his face on the mural along West End.

After James Franklin left Vanderbilt to coach at Penn State, artist Mike Cooper has been waiting for the right time to swap Franklin's face with that of new head coach Derek Mason.

It's tradition, and Cooper told us fans are excited to see the change.

"They did not want that reminder that he didn't want anything to do with the place. Let's go ahead and move forward and let's get Mason up on the wall. Franklin has officially left the building," he said.

Mike Cooper said it would have been done sooner, but the mural re-painting had to be delayed because of the winter weather. While he was waiting out the weather, Franklin's face had been covered up.

Cooper started Tuesday morning and put the finishing touches on it in the afternoon.

Coach Mason's image joins baseball coach Tim Corbin, as well as basketball coaches Kevin Stallings and Melanie Balcomb.