TDOT Ready For Snow Threat On 20th Anniversary of Ice Storm

TDOT Ready For Snow Threat On 20th Anniversary of Ice Storm

CREATED Feb 11, 2014

by Chris Cannon

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Parts of Middle Tennessee are once again under the threat of winter weather and crews from the Tennessee Department of Transportation are ready.

TDOT employees were busy Tuesday loading salt into trucks, and filling tanks with brine, just in case snow accumulates in the middle region of the state.

"Tennessee is great, as far as our salt supply goes," said TDOT spokeswoman Deanna Lambert.

The state started this winter with 235,000 tons of salt to treat roadways. As of February TDOT used 57,153 tons of that supply. After a recent shipment, there are 177,847 tons of salt for future winter weather events.

So far this winter season TDOT has put down 3,866,627 gallons of brine on roadways. As of January 28th crews have worked 156,413 hours and the state has spent $9.1 million on snow and ice removal.

"They are always willing to get out there and work hard to make sure our roads are safe and prepared whenever winter weather comes." Lambert said.

Twenty years ago this week, Middle Tennessee was hit by a major ice storm.

The ice brought down trees across Nashville. Crews with Nashville Electric Service spent days working to restore power to thousands of residents.

The weight of the ice caused many trees to crash down onto homes, and across streets, blocking traffic and making it difficult for crews to reach affected areas of the city.

Ice covered streets made it difficult for vehicles to get around the city. It caused hundreds of wrecks over several days.

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