Videos Featuring Exotic Dancers Filmed In Nashville Parks

Videos Featuring Exotic Dancers Filmed In Nashville Parks

CREATED Feb 11, 2014

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Some of Metro Nashville's most well-known and popular parks have been the backdrop for online videos featuring promotional clips of exotic dancers. 

"I was shocked and I was stunned," said Metro Parks Director Tommy Lynch.

Lynch said the exotic dancers are not part of any Metro Parks program. A variety of videos have been found on the Internet featuring exotic dancers with Nashville parks as the backdrop.

"That's where it gets me," he said while watching one of the videos. "Where I know it's our park."

The videos were posted by a company called Mistas Angels.

"We kind of just thought there were good landmarks in some of the parks," said Andre Lewis, who manages exotic dancers.

Director Lynch said Lewis did not have a permit to shoot the videos, but that's not a criminal offense.

"They may have a right to be there, but we actually have a participant code of conduct," he said.

Lewis said he did not know he needed a permit and said he doesn't see anything wrong with his dancers in a park. They have not been accused of committing any crime. In fact, during the shoots not a single person complained to Metro parks about the dancers.

"I didn't look at it as any different as a woman doing yoga, stretching. That could be taken provocatively or someone at a swimming pool with a two-piece on," he said.

Lynch disagreed and said he will do everything he can to make sure something like this doesn't happen again.