Rezoning Planned For Murfreesboro City Schools

Rezoning Planned For Murfreesboro City Schools

CREATED Oct 29, 2013

by Todd Walker

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. - Major changes are coming for more than a thousand midstate elementary students and their parents next year in hopes of relieving overcrowded schools.

Parents got their first look at the proposed rezoning for Murfreesboro City Elementary Schools.

Roseann Barton has worked in the Murfreesboro City School District for almost three decades. She's seen plenty of growth in that time. She's been principal of John Pittard Elementary since it opened seven years ago.

The school has been at or over capacity, of a thousand students, for most of that time.

"We no longer have a science lab, a computer lab," she said. "Things we had to give up because we have to use them as classrooms."

Several other elementary schools are in the same situation.

Gary Anderson is the district's finance director. He was responsible for drawing the new zoning lines.

"Every school has a little bit that we're moving," he said.

John Pittard Elementary will be giving up nearly 300 students.

"We worked real hard to use main arteries as dividing lines," Anderson said. "We tried to keep everybody together and to their community schools."

It's been five years since the last time Murfreesboro City Schools moved the zoning lines. Up to 1,500 kids could be switching schools district-wide.

"I can tell you first hand it is hard," Barton said. "It's hard because families are asked to leave schools that they love that they've grown accustomed to."

Nicole Johnston lucked out and her kids won't be moving.

Next year's fifth and sixth graders can be grandfathered into their current school, along with any younger siblings.

Part of the reason for all of the shuffling is a brand new school which is going to open next fall.

The plan will go before the school board and be voted on sometime in November.

Murfreesboro City Schools has posted maps of the proposed rezoning on its website.

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