Police Want To Replace Crossing Guards To Stop Speeders

Police Want To Replace Crossing Guards To Stop Speeders

CREATED Oct 15, 2013

by Aundrea Cline-Thomas

MONTEREY, Tenn. - Crossing guards are often the friendly face getting kids to and from school safely. Monterey is no different.

"Normally the cross(ing) guards, they'll be one right there and one at the top of the hill," Monterey resident Misty Murphy said while pointing down the street.  "I think a lot of the 7th and 8th graders walk across. And there (are) some younger kids that I've seen walk across there too."

Around Burks Elementary drivers are sometimes more than doubling the 15 mile per hour speed limit.

"They still speed whenever there's a cross guard there," Murphy said.

"Well I've heard them holler at them," Dennis Crisp said about how crossing guards are attempting to handle the problem. "You know, slow that car down and stuff like that. I've heard that"

Dennis Crisp watches from his store as police catch up with drivers at the top of the road.

"They get them pretty good," Crisp said. "I've seen three or four. They get them in this parking lot all of the time you know."

Monterey Police have already issued 28 tickets for speeding in this particular school zone since August.

"There are several signs up there and flashing lights before you ever come around the curve so you would think that would deter some of them," Police Chief Bill Randolph said.

Still too many drivers are not slowing down.

"Instead of having the three crossing guards, my idea is to implement two police officers in the place of three crossing guards."

If flashing lights aren't enough, maybe blue lights are.

"I believe it will stop," Murphy said about the impact police officers could have on speeding. "Nobody wants to be pulled over by a cop and (get) a ticket."

Thankfully no one has been hurt and police want to keep it that way.

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