Tuition At Risk As Government Shutdown Continues

Tuition At Risk As Government Shutdown Continues

CREATED Oct 10, 2013

by Chris Conte

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. - As the government shutdown enters day 10, some 300,000 students who are also active service members are no longer receiving tuition assistance from the federal government.

"I hope that when they do come to a solution, it's a solution that can be implemented as quickly as possibly," said Cadet Cynthia Stinnett who's enrolled in Austin Peay's ROTC program and is also a senior business major.

Cynthia and most of her fellow Cadets get up to $4,500 in tuition assistance every year but the Pentagon has temporarily suspended that money, leaving students to have to look elsewhere for funding.

"At this point in my education it would mean I'd have to take out student loans because I'm a senior and I can't afford to wait until the money is reinstated," she added.

Recognizing the implications of the lack of funding, Austin Peay State University announced this week that a special scholarship fund has been setup to help students like Cynthia who aren't receiving tuition help for as long as the shutdown continues.

"These students, they know sacrifice, they've served our country they've sacrificed immensely for us and we want to be able to take care of these individuals," said university spokesman Charles Booth.

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