MNPS Parents Learn About Common Core

MNPS Parents Learn About Common Core

CREATED Oct 1, 2013

by Emily Luxen

OLD HICKORY, Tenn. - Some Old Hickory parents hit the books to get a hands-on understanding of the new Common Core standards in place across the state.

The event at DuPont Hadley Middle School allowed parents to follow their kids through four different classrooms.  Participants listened to lessons from teachers, and then answered sample test questions. 

Common Core sets standards for what students should learn at each grade level from kindergarten through high school to ensure they are ready for the workforce or college.  At DuPont Hadley, the standards have been implemented for math, literacy, science and social studies for two years.

"It's more in-depth," said Dr. Kevin Armstrong, Principal at DuPont Hadley Middle School. "It's more complex  and more than simple A, B, C, or D answers.  A lot of students are having to pull answers from a text and expand on it."

Opponents have argued Common Core represents the nationalization of education and actually lowers standards.  Dr. Armstrong said he hasn't received a lot of complaints from parents, but it was still important for them to see the approach in action.

"They get to participate," said Dr. Armstrong.  "They will see how things have changed since they went through school."

After spending the evening in her son Jaylen's classrooms, parent Jolanda Hughes left impressed by what he's working on every day.

"I think it's working," said Hughes.  "I see a difference.  I think it's making it easier for him to understand and get prepared for college."

Forty-five states have currently adopted Common Core standards. For more information on Common Core visit: http://www.mnps.org/Page97826.aspx 

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