Clarksville Riverfront Eroding Along Cumberland River

Clarksville Riverfront Eroding Along Cumberland River

CREATED Sep 25, 2013

by Marcus Washington

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. – Large portions of riverfront property has been eaten away by erosion on the banks of the Cumberland River.

The City of Clarksville has invested more than $100,000 to purchase some of the land in hopes of reversing the damage.

City leaders have vowed to do whatever it takes in order to save a vital part of Clarksville's economic future.

"If it gets so eroded, it could impact all the property along Riverside Drive and ultimately Riverside Drive itself," said Kim McMillan, Mayor of Clarksville.

City officials said the riverfront area has seen at least one foot of erosion each year.

Mayor McMillan said the only way to correct the problem would be to stabilize the banks of the river.

The project would cost an estimated $2-million and would require a federal grant, in addition to a joint partnership with the Army Corps of Engineers.

The Mayor said in order to stabilize the area, the city has to own the property.

The city has negotiated a deal to purchase the old Waterworks Building on Riverside Drive for $200,000. The building had been appraised for $400,000 and the Mayor said the city could not pass on the offer.

"At the last council meeting when the individual came and made a presentation, I had a lot of council members jumping at $300,000," said Mayor McMillan. "I am thankful we were able to secure a $200,000 sale price on the entire building and property."

The council would still have to approve the purchase in a series of three votes, which would begin Thursday.

Before any work could start on the project, federal money has to be sent and it would depend on when a national budget was set in Washington.

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