More Volunteers Needed For The Hands On Nashville Day Of Service

More Volunteers Needed For The Hands On Nashville Day Of Service

CREATED Sep 16, 2013

by Aundrea Cline-Thomas

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – One local volunteer group has organized a day of service in an effort to complete renovations at many Metro Nashville Public Schools.

Nearly 2,200 volunteers were still needed to complete the numerous painting and landscaping projects.

Hands on Nashville has organized a day of service set for September 21.

"You know the worn out saying, it takes a village to raise a child," said Anthony Febles, Principal Fall-Hamilton Enhanced Option School. "It is absolutely the truth."

This was his first year at the elementary school and his wish list of completed projects has steadily grown since the beginning of the year.

"This is the 1969 paint and you can tell that because it's hardly there anymore," he said while pointing out the chipped railings. "You can see that after 30 years' worth of wear and tear and hundreds of children coming through. It needs some work."

There has been a sign that more attractive days for this campus are ahead.

"When we have moments to rally together as a community, we take them," said Lisa Purcell, Vice President of External Affairs at Hands on Nashville. "So we're excited about the 21st and the biggest ever Hands on Nashville Day."

They wanted Septemner 21 to be the biggest day of service for the district.

"We have corporate teams, we have faith based teams, we have sororities, fraternities, colleges and Universities coming together to make a difference in schools," Purcell added. "This project is so transformative and so large scale that you go away knowing (that) you made a difference."

Febles said he can't wait and his students would be thrilled about the improvements.

"They're going to want to come out here and they can't wait to get to recess," he said. "Probably bug the teachers, ‘can we go to recess now? Can we go to recess now?'"

For more information on how to register: www.hon.org.

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