iPads Replace Middle School Textbooks In Manchester

iPads Replace Middle School Textbooks In Manchester

CREATED Sep 3, 2013

by Marcus Washington

MANCHESTER, Tenn. – Manchester City School District has replaced textbooks with free iPads that students will be able to take home.

The traditional days of learning for 6th grade students at Manchester's Westwood Middle School are about to take a turn when they receive their iPads on Friday morning.

More than 120 students will say so long to their text books and welcome their individual iPads as their source of learning.

"Our students are probably going to be working with technology when they go into a future career, so it's important to start it now," said Sandra Morris, Director of Instruction for Manchester City Schools.

Students said this will be a change, but more so for the teacher.

"She's not going to do much probably. She might just review it with us and have a little more fun with it," said 6th grader Dillon Wiser.

Director of Technology, Mark Howell, said this form of teaching and learning is becoming more of a reality and "books are now interactive, opposed to static content on a page."

This form of teaching is called Flip Instruction, where the teacher posts assignments and instructions online each night.

"When they come to school they will do the application they would have normally done at home. It really allows teacher to have more one-on-one time with the kids," said Westwood Middle School Principal Chad Fletcher.

For many people, this is a new way of learning, but for these students it's truly become their way of life.

"It's going to be really easy and simple; not like carrying a social studies book around or some homework or some more books for every class, so it's going to be pretty good," said Wiser.

The district understands that not all students have access to wifi, so for three days a week they will keep the school open until 4 p.m. The district has also given parents a list of 10 local businesses they have partnered with where students can use free wifi.

The school will cover the cost of first time repairs, but for any abuse to the iPad, the student will face disciplinary action, as opposed to financial repercussions.

Parents will have the option of allowing their child to keep their iPad at school, or taking it home each night. Students will not be able to take home the iPads until fall break.

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