Local School Helps Keep Students Germ Free

Local School Helps Keep Students Germ Free

CREATED Aug 30, 2013

by Shannon Royster

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - St. Bernard Academy was scrubbed and sprayed from top to bottom.

"It's not required that a principal would call in a cleaning company," said Michelle Johnson a parent. "I feel great as a parent that our principal would do just that, and go above and beyond."

Clean Beyond was called in to do the dirty work when the first signs of sickness hit last week.

"We certainly want to keep our kids safe. We like to keep our days of absence minimized," said St. Bernard Principal Chuck Sabo.

They're back again to keep the culprits away like MRSA, Staph and E-Coli.

"Schools are little breeding grounds for whatever little germs that can happen," said Sabo.

In fact, when the service performed its surface swabbing test on one of the desks to see how much bacteria is growing on its surface, the number came in at 2,432. Anything more than 300 fails. After the school's cleaning makeover that number fell all the way to 45.

"The same care that's being used in the hospitals should also be used where we work out and where our children go to school," said Autumn Key, CEO of Clean Beyond.

That's exactly why the school's principal is taking an extra step, and he hopes more schools will follow his.

It costs six to twelve cents per square foot for the cleaning services or the disinfectant spray treatment. This type of cleaning is up to the individual school district and its budget. 

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