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Williamson Co. Schools Improves ACT Dominance

Williamson Co. Schools Improves ACT Dominance

CREATED Aug 21, 2013

By Adam Ghassemi

FRANKLIN, Tenn. Leaders of Williamson County Schools revealed their ACT composite average score Wednesday is 23.4. That's a 0.3 increase over 2012.

That may not sound like a big increase, but it's latest score in an upward trend that's well above the improving Tennessee public school average of 19.0 or the national average of 20.9.

Director of Schools Doctor Mike Looney said they haven't been able to find another district in the country, with comparable size and demographics, that tests all its students and gets similar results.

WCS is inching towards a goal they've had in place for years to get an average score of 24.0 by 2017.

"It didn't just start yesterday. It didn't start two or three years ago when we developed our strategic plan. It began when these students entered our buildings," said Williamson County School Board Chairwoman Pat Anderson.

But district leaders say they can't rest while they're ahead. There is already a plan in place to let high-scoring students tutor low scoring ones by offering incentives like laptop computers. The idea is to not only hit the 24.0 goal, but also reach another goal that's never been done before.

"That is to graduate 100% of our seniors qualified for the HOPE scholarship. That's never been done in the state of Tennessee. That's never been done in America before and I believe we're up to the challenge with the community's support," Looney said.

Looney said they must still raise enough money from area businesses to buy all the computers necessary for the student tutoring program.

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