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Program Helps Seniors Qualify For Hope Scholarship

Program Helps Seniors Qualify For Hope Scholarship

CREATED Jul 23, 2013

by Aundrea Cline-Thomas

FRANKLIN, Tenn. - Williamson County schools have lofty goals for every senior in the district. A new program has challenged every member in the class of 2014 to score at least a 21 on their ACT.

The score would qualify students for the Hope Scholarship.

Twenty-nine students representing the district's high schools make up part of the 73 percent of seniors who have already qualified.

"With this program it's kids helping kids," said Annake Baxter, a senior at Summit High School in Spring Hill.

Under the program, student can serve as tutors to their peers, helping them meet the coveted benchmark.

"It's a small step by doing this program that we call ‘Lets ACT' that can be able to make that difference," said senior Jacob Bell.

The idea has caught on in the community. Attorney and Franklin Alderman Dana McLendon and his business partner pledged $300 towards the initiative.

"If we can make a contribution that will help any kid in Franklin or Williamson County get a leg up on the ACT, that's a worthy cause," said McLendon.

The money has being used to buy new laptops loaded with ACT software.  It's a small price to pay when considering the HOPE Scholarship is worth at least $16,000.

"If you honestly take it one step at a time and just really focus on doing the best you can," Baxter said. "I mean it's pretty easy."

If the tutor is successful in helping their peer meet the goal they too can earn a laptop.

"One, we're helping other kids in our community be able to go to college," Baxter explained. "Two, I mean you get a laptop. Who wouldn't want a laptop."

It all comes down to one number that can expand college access for students.

So far the district has raised enough money to get 52 out of the 400 laptops needed. Student leaders plan to make presentations to their classmates, parents and members of the community to support this initiative.

For more information visit Williamson County schools online

To donate click on Senior Class ACT/Laptop Initiative click here.

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