Man Convicted Of Putting 10-Year-Old Boy In Closet During Home Invasion

Man Convicted Of Putting 10-Year-Old Boy In Closet During Home Invasion

CREATED Jul 24, 2014

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A man has been convicted in connection with a home invasion in which a 10-year-old boy was forced into a closet.

Lorenzo Vaughn was convicted Wednesday on counts of aggravated robbery, especially aggravated kidnapping, aggravated burglary, employing a firearm during commission of a dangerous felony and theft.

Vaughn was one of four suspects charged in connection with a home invasion on Ryan Allen Circle in Nashville in January 2013. 

When the 10-year old opened the door, Metro Police said Vaughn pulled a gun on the boy, put a hand over his mouth and forced him into a closet, while two others searched the home.

During the robbery, the child's mother and his four younger siblings were upstairs in the house. The mother told police that the bathtub was running and she didn't hear the commotion downstairs.

Officials said the suspects later admitted that they had robbed the wrong house, but took an iPod and tried to take a television before quickly fleeing.

Police said when the 10-year-old heard them leave, he left the closet and told his mother what had happened. A neighbor watched the suspects flee from the home and was able to give police a good description of their vehicle.

The suspects were later stopped by police.  Police also charged Shannon Birdsong, Michael Kelly and DeAngelo Spears in the incident. Kelly and Spears were juveniles at the time of the home invasion.

Their trial dates have not yet been set, as their cases remain pending.

Vaughn will be sentenced on August 22.

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