East Nashville Residents Concerned About New Housing Developments

East Nashville Residents Concerned About New Housing Developments

CREATED Jul 22, 2014

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Some residents in East Nashville have expressed concern over the newest housing additions to the area.

The City of Nashville has been having a difficult time keeping up with the high demand for housing and now many have questioned the cost of keeping up with the growing city's needs.

More than 60 new homes, soon to be called East Greenway Park, will be built on a piece of land that sits between Rosebank Avenue and Eastland Avenue. 

The development has been set for completion by fall of 2014, with each home starting around $225,000.

“If it clears out all that green we'll lose a lot of the quietness around here,” said Ward Gunther, when looking out across his East Nashville home.

Crystal Jones, of the Rosebank Zoning Committee, said she understands developers across the city are keeping up with demand but she said the new construction isn’t geared towards everyone.

"You're mainly pushing out of the city, the lower or low middle [class]," she said. "There's going be a lot more traffic, there's going be a lot more people."

Meanwhile Aerial Development Group said they've gone to great lengths to work with residents in the area to make sure everyone’s needs are met.