Nashville Area To Get New Area Code By Spring

Nashville Area To Get New Area Code By Spring

CREATED Jul 23, 2014

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - A growing population and the explosive expansion of the use of hand-held electronic devices has prompted the creation of a new area code for Nashville.

Tennessee Regulatory Authority spokesman David Foster said that the 629 area code and 10-digit dialing will go into place February 28, joining the 615 area code in everyday use.

"There will be no long distance charges from calling from one area code to another. But again nobody's telephone number will change, but at some point everyone will have to dial ten digits to reach anyone in the area code," Foster said.

On Friday, regulators are encouraging everyone to begin dialing all 10 digits regardless of location.

The TRA approved the overlay plan last year after studies showed the 615 area code would run out by 2015. The 629 area code will be designated to anyone getting new phone service, cell, or landline after the existing numbers run out.

Phone companies have been working to make sure their networks are able to handle the new changes.

Middle Tennessee has been home to the 615 area code since 1954, making it the second region to get a designated area code after Memphis.

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