Former Employee Files Lawsuit Claiming TN Lottery Is Toxic Place To Work

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Former Employee Files Lawsuit Claiming TN Lottery Is Toxic Place To Work

CREATED Jul 22, 2014
by Nick Beres

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - There are charges of scandalous conduct from behind-the-scenes at the Tennessee Lottery.

A former employee is speaking out and calling it a toxic place to work.

Denise Armstrong said she loved how the Tennessee Lottery helped education, but she called working conditions there intolerable.

She said she was fired when she complained.

Armstrong said she never knew what to expect.

“What's going to happen today? What's going to be said? How inappropriate is somebody going to be?” Armstrong commented.

Armstrong worked as a manager for the Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation for nearly a decade.

She loved the job, but said she quickly became disillusioned.

“I'm ashamed for them because the cause is good; raising money for education.”

Armstrong is now suing the Lottery Corporation in federal court claiming her supervisors created a "toxic work environment and prevalent gender discrimination."

Attorney Andy Allman said his client suffered through a pattern of abuses witnessed by others who will testify on her behalf.

Armstrong said there was no inappropriate touching, but she did suffer a constant stream of inappropriate comments from supervisors.

The lawsuit cites a host of other comments: A suggestion "the events committee should hold a hot yoga class for women."

On another occasion a supervisor showed "inappropriate pictures on his phone."

Armstrong wanted it to stop and get back to work.

Instead, she lost her job. She was fired for insubordination.

Now, she is suing the lottery for damages.

“This is 2014. It's not appropriate to treat anyone like that. Simply not appropriate,” said Armstrong.

Andy Allman said there were witnesses who will confirm the way Armstrong was treated.

Lottery officials issued this statement: "We cannot comment on pending litigation other than to say that The Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation denies the allegations contained in this lawsuit and intends to vigorously contest these claims in court."

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