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Hundreds of Jobs Leaving Dekalb County

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Hundreds of Jobs Leaving Dekalb County

CREATED Jul 21, 2014
by Mark Bellinger

SMITHVILLE, Tenn. - Hundreds of jobs are being lost in Dekalb County.

One of the area's biggest nurseries is closing part of it's business in Smithville.

The Berry Family of Nurseries has told the state it is shutting down the operation this fall.

The company on Vaughn Lane in Smithville grows shrubs, roses and flowers.

It employs 250 people, but employment can be as high as 400 in the spring.

The company just informed the state it's closing the nursery by the end of September.

One local businessman says the lost jobs will hurt everyone.

Jewel Redmon said, "Your restaurants are going to suffer, grocery stores are going to suffer, your clothing stores. You take 400 people that's a big impact on one little community like this."Redmon says the nursery appeared to be expanding.

Redmon said, "They just recently put in a bunch of green houses for potted plants and all that, so that's a big investment over there."

Now, the company is leaving the site.

Redmon says he heard the news a month ago.

He said, "They just notified employees that at the end of September they're going to shut down."

The closing affects Redmon personally.

He owns several businesses.

Redmon said, "I did a lot of work for them, construction work and trucking for them, and I had convenience stores they did business with me, but that's in the past."

The Berry Family of Nurseries also owns a second operation in Smithville.

It's on Short Mountain Highway - and it's supposed to remain open.

Officials in the company's corporate headquarters in Irving, Texas did not return our phone call.  

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