Davidson County To Implement ‘Decals On Demand’

Davidson County To Implement ‘Decals On Demand’

CREATED Jul 18, 2014

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A major change has been announced for residents who receive their license and registration in Davidson County.

The Davidson County Clerk’s Office said it’s launching Decals on Demand, a program that will print your driver's decal directly on your Motor Vehicle Registration at time of purchase.

Several other counties across the state have already taken advantage of the new program. Not only does it cut down on costs because Metro won't need to print out a second decal, but it will also help prevent crime.

“Decals on Demand is one example of the many ways we are utilizing technology to increase efficiency and better serve the public,” said Brenda Wynn, Davidson County Clerk.

The new program goes into effect Tuesday.