Save Printers Alley Facebook Page Gains Support

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Save Printers Alley Facebook Page Gains Support

CREATED Jul 17, 2014

by Emily Luxen

NASHVILLE, TN – News that a boutique hotel may be moving into Printers Alley in downtown Nashville has business owners and loyal customers fighting back.

A new “Save Printers Alley” Facebook page has gotten more than 4,000 likes in less than 24 hours.

“It was important for me to get everybody who felt the way I did together so we can rally together and hopefully let our voices be heard,” said Kim Brooks who started the Facebook page.

News has spread that developers are planning to put a boutique hotel in the building that currently houses Brass Stables, Lonnie's Western Room, Fiddle and Steel Guitar Bar, and several restaurants.

Printers Alley regulars said the new hotel would eliminate the history in one of Nashville’s unique areas.

“People come here repeatedly because of the atmosphere, the friendships that are made and the musical friendships that are made,” said Jody Maphis, who has worked and performed at Fiddle and Steel Guitar Bar for 12 years. “It would be sad to see it go away.”

“I understand the need for hotels,” said Brooks. “But, I don’t feel like it should be at the risk of taking away all this area has to offer.”

Maphis said developers have not addressed specifics of the project, or reached out to business owners directly. Right now, he and others want more information.

“We don’t know what the plan is other than the fact we could be pushed out,” said Maphis. “It’s frustrating.”

Members of the investment group behind the project have not commented on any details of the possible hotel. Developers have only said they are working on a number of projects.

Printers Alley supporters said they are not backing down. They plan to reach out to the Metro Historical Commission and Mayor Karl Dean’s office for help.

“We’re small, but we’re mighty,” said Maphis. “It’s not over.”

For more information, check out the Save Printers Alley Facebook page

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