Clarksville Animal Cruelty Case Bound Over To Grand Jury

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Photo: Video by NewsChannel5.com

Clarksville Animal Cruelty Case Bound Over To Grand Jury

CREATED Jul 16, 2014
CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. – The case against a Clarksville man accused of animal cruelty has been bound over to the grand jury.

The Leaf Chronicle reported 62-year-old Timothy Decent appeared in court Tuesday to face two counts of animal cruelty. The newspaper reported he was initially charged with one count of aggravated animal cruelty, but the charge was amended by the District Attorney’s Office.

Clarksville police initially responded to Decent’s home on Whitfield Drive on March 11 to investigate a possible theft. No one was home, but an officer found a dead foal hanging from a tree.

Police came back later in the day, and officers discovered other malnourished horses. The carcass of the dead foal was gone.

Animal Control officers were called. They found skulls around the property, bones in bins, and discovered that the horses had no access to food.

Three horses and four chickens were taken away from the home. Decent was then arrested and charged.

In an interview with NewsChannel 5 following his arrest, Decent said the foal, which was just days old, died naturally, and he hung it up to keep the hide.

He added that one of his horses only appeared malnourished because it had just given birth to the baby foal.

"You got to think what she just went through, giving birth to that big of a baby after 12 months of carrying it," Decent said in March. "A lot of her weight went with the baby when it came out."

Clarksville Police and volunteer equine groups said they do not buy Decent's story and are going ahead with charges.

Decent was previously charged with animal cruelty in 2012, but he said that charge was dropped.

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