Kentucky Veteran Continues To Seek Answers On Botched Surgery

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Kentucky Veteran Continues To Seek Answers On Botched Surgery

CREATED Jul 15, 2014
by Todd Walker

NASHVILLE, Tenn - Frank Coursey, a 49-year-old veteran living in Bowling Green, has not been able to eat solid foods for three years.

He said it's because of complications from stomach surgery that many civilian doctors said never should have been performed.

Coursey said he got the surgery in 2011 through the VA as a way to lower his blood pressure. At the time, he weighed nearly 290 pounds.

Today, he weighs 140 pounds and has had serious health problems, as complications from the surgery continue to pile up.

Coursey's story has now gotten the attention of the VA Director in Nashville and Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell's office.

Coursey said the Nashville VA has formed a "care team" for him to hopefully streamline his care and get thousands in unpaid bills taken care of.

Those bills have mounted up so much there is a lien on his home.

Coursey said his first meeting with his care team is on Wednesday.

He said one of his first questions will be, who actually performed his original surgery?

Medical records show it was done by a Dr. Blaine Nease, a well-known weight loss surgeon in West Virginia. But emails to Coursey's civilian doctor said Dr. Nease was supposed to have done the surgery "but did not at the last moment."

Another email obtained by NewsChannel 5 has handwritten at the bottom that a "Dr. Hudson" did the surgery.

"I do not know this man," Coursey said. "Never met this man and don't know his qualifications. For all I know, he could have been a pediatrician from down the hallway."

After NewsChannel 5's first story, Sen. McConnell's Office called for an internal investigation at the Huntington, West Virginia hospital where the surgery was first performed.

The findings reported to McConnell's Office said there were "no errors or inappropriate care during either the surgical or post-surgical period."

Despite the evidence obtained by NewsChannel 5, the report said "it was verified that Dr. Blaine Nease ... was the actual surgeon."

Coursey said he questioned hospital staff about the "Dr. Hudson."

"He said 'I don't know who Dr. Hudson is," Coursey said.

Coursey said the VA told him there has never been a Doctor Hudson on staff. When reached by phone, Dr. Nease wouldn't comment, citing privacy laws.

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