Recently Freed Indian Elephant Gets Help From Tenn. Sanctuary

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Photo: Video by NewsChannel5.com

Recently Freed Indian Elephant Gets Help From Tenn. Sanctuary

CREATED Jul 11, 2014

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - After years of torture and abuse, an elephant in India has been freed by government officials and now, he's receiving help from a woman in Tennessee.

The elephant, named Sunder, was the victim of abuse for years, until video of the brutality was released by the organization PETA.

Celebrities like Paul McCartney and Pamela Anderson contributed to the effort to rescue him. After much public outcry, the court system in India recently ordered his release.

Sunder, now chain free, has been actively exploring his new home in India. Margaret Whittaker, the director of an elephant sanctuary in Tennessee, she's was in India this week checking up on Sunder's progress.

“This visit was a three day visit it was very quick, I just went out to really look at Sunder assess the current situation and help with the planning for the construction of the new facilities,” said Whittaker by phone, in an interview with NewsChannel 5.

Whittaker said she'll be back in India in August to start training Sunder.