Register Calls For Civility, Cooperation In Metro Schools Office

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Register Calls For Civility, Cooperation In Metro Schools Office

CREATED Jul 10, 2014
by Todd Walker

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - At a Thursday night meeting, a call for civility in Metro Schools was issued -- not for the kids, but for the grown-ups.

After nearly a year of what he calls distrust and polarizing comments within the Central Office, Dr. Jesse Register said everyone needs to work together.

"It's not about a campaign to discredit someone because they may disagree with you," Register said. "It should be about, and only about, what's best for our school system and developing and maintaining great schools for our children."

Register's comments came from what had apparently been brewing inside Metro Schools' Central office for a while.

It was laid out in a Nashville Scene article, where board member and frequent critic Will Pinkston said it's time for new leadership.

"I don't think the school system moves forward in a meaningful way until Register leaves," Pinkston told the Scene. "I think anybody who watches the day-to-day function, or dysfunction, of the Nashville school board knows that we need to rotate leadership at the board level as well."

Much of the friction has centered around the role of charter schools, but Register said in his rare address that it's time to work together, including with the charter schools.

Register said that pledge of cooperation begins Friday morning and will include monthly meetings with charter school leaders and other district leaders.

Pinkston would not comment on the record with NewsChannel 5. 

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