Meth Lab Found In Clarksville Apartment; Woman Arrested

Meth Lab Found In Clarksville Apartment; Woman Arrested

CREATED Jul 10, 2014
CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. – A woman was arrested Wednesday after authorities found a methamphetamine lab inside her Clarksville apartment and vehicle.

The 19th Judicial District Drug Task Force charged 29-year-old Samantha Smith with initiating the process of manufacturing methamphetamine.

Clarksville Police were initially called to the apartments on Executive Drive on Wednesday night after reports of children complaining of a chemical smell and a burning sensation in their eyes.

Drug Task Force Agents were called to the scene and searched the apartment. They dismantled the lab and collected the components used to make meth.

The building also had to be quarantined as the apartments share an attic and ventilation system.

“The neighbors, who were innocent in all this, found themselves displaced because of the meth being manufactured in the apartment,” 19th Judicial District Drug Task Force Director Sgt. Kyle Darnell.

On Thursday, the residents were still not allowed back inside.

“It’s a hardship on the families that shouldn’t have to be," said neighbor Alonzo Haney.

Sheriff John Fuson said neighbors did the right thing by calling 911 when they smelled the strange odor.

"You may get a headache or you may have an issue that you don’t think a whole lot about, but it could be breathing something from your neighbors if you live in an apartment complex or even a house," he said.

Smith was booked into the Montgomery County Jail on $20,000 bond.