Siblings United In Clarksville Decades After One Was Adopted

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Photo: Video by NewsChannel5.com

Siblings United In Clarksville Decades After One Was Adopted

CREATED Jul 8, 2014
by Chris Cannon

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. – Three siblings were united Tuesday night in Clarksville, more than 46 years after their mother put one of them up for adoption.

All those years Kerri Hauser and Kristi Murphy were told they had an older adopted sibling, who was their mother’s first child.

I was always told I had a brother out there who was 18 years older than me,” Murphy said.

Then a few months ago Hauser, who lives in Duluth, Minnesota, received a phone call from her aunt to tell her about a piece of mail she had gotten.

“(She said) I got a letter from a woman named Kimberly who is claiming she is your mother's daughter, and right away I was like, daughter,” according to Hauser.

After all those years of thinking they had a brother they had never met, there was now the possibility they actually had a sister.

Murphy quickly went to Facebook to see what Kimberly Opiela looked like.

“Just from here profile picture, looks so much like my mom. Even our noses are so much alike,” she said.

They siblings did not just rely on internet information for this life changing discovery. DNA test were taken and came back 99.9% positive Opiela was related.

But the news was bitter sweet, because their mother Sharen, passed away last year.

“Excited. Sad. It's an emotional roller coaster,” said Murphy.

Those emotions were at an all-time high Tuesday night when Hauser and Murphy met Opiela for the first time outside a Clarksville motel.

She traveled from her home in Mississippi to meet her siblings. She came with her daughter, who is the reason she started the search to learn about her past.

“I wanted to be able to give her an answer of where she came from. At the same time to fill that void, so that I know that I am connected to someone by birth,” Opiela said.

Holding a photo of her mother, Opiela said she was upset she did not get to meet her birth mother.

It's one of those things where you think, why didn't I do this two years ago, why didn't I do this five years ago,” she said.

But she is excited to learn more about her new-found family.

“And hearing about this wonderful lady, who chose to give me life, when it was not a good thing to do,” Opiela said.

She and her daughter will stay in Clarksville until Thursday to spend time with her sisters and their families.

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