200 Year-Old Historic Home Gets Ready To Open In Sumner Co.

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200 Year-Old Historic Home Gets Ready To Open In Sumner Co.

CREATED Jul 7, 2014
by Adam Ghassemi

GALLATIN, Tenn. - The restoration of a historic home dating back more than two centuries is finally complete. Soon you'll be able to see the Douglass-Clark House for yourself.

The home sits along Long Hollow Pike at Station Camp Creek near the new Station Camp Greenway, but it was almost torn down when a subdivision started going up next door. Developers ended up donating the property to the county, which decided to save it.

The house's history dates back to the 1780s before Tennessee was a state. It's one of the first structures in Sumner County, and even served as the county courthouse for a short time.

“Nothing's really level, but man could they build a tank. You know,this thing has lasted," said Sumner Co. Executive Anthony Holt.

Holt says they jumped at the chance to save it. Surprisingly, the oldest logs are still in tact while the newer areas had to be completely redone. During the massive renovation crews found a number of artifacts and even messages etched into the wall by a visitor from the late 1890s.

Monday, actors were practicing a reenactment planned for July 21st where they will demonstrate some of the original court proceedings held at the home based off minutes found in county archives.

"So we're recreating one of those meetings that would have been held at the Douglass House at that time," said longtime historian and artist H. David Wright.

After the dedication the current Sumner County Commission will hold its meeting at the home for the first time since 1790.

"That hasn't occurred in 224 years. So history is going to renew itself," Holt said.

They paid for the $900,000 project through a TDOT Enhancement Grant and matching county funds. It's all in hopes the home will preserve a piece of Middle Tennessee history for generations to come.

"Hopefully it'll be here another 200 plus years," Holt said.

The dedication is set for 6 p.m. on July 21st. 

Work will soon begin to create a Civil War Interpretive Center inside to represent a number of surrounding counties. It should open later this year.

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