New Questions About Rumored Video Evidence In Holly Bobo Case

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New Questions About Rumored Video Evidence In Holly Bobo Case

CREATED Jul 8, 2014
by Nick Beres

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Evidence in the Holly Bobo case remains a mystery despite the fact authorities have arrested two suspects.  

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation won't tip it's hand, but NewsChannel 5 has uncovered new revelations about the role of a confidential informant and whether a key piece of video evidence may really exist.

NewsChannel 5 has learned that investigators believe there could be cellphone video showing Holly Bobo after she disappeared.

"I don't believe there is any video evidence," said attorney Fletcher Long.  

Neither does his client Jason Autry, who along with Zach Adams, has charged with kidnapping and killing Holly Bobo.

Since our exclusive interview with Autry -- he's remained off-limits, but he's kept in contact by mail.

Autry said he has followed recent developments on the case and insists there's no video of a crime he didn't commit.

NewsChannel 5 has heard the same thing from Jeffrey Pearcy.

"There's nothing to any of this," said Pearcy. 

He and his step-brother Mark were both arrested, charged and jailed for tampering with evidence and being an accessory after the fact.

A confidential informant, or CI, tipped the TBI that one of the brothers was seen or heard on a video with Holly Bobo after she disappeared.

"It's ridiculous," said Pearcy. "I ain't got nothing to hide." 

NewsChannel 5 has learned all state charges are expected to be dropped against the Pearcy brothers by the end of the month.

"This case will be over very shortly. Hopefully on the 29th," said Jeff Pearcy's attorney Olin Baker.

So, why would the TBI do that -- especially when NewsChannel 5 has learned that there may really have been a video?

We've learned the informant may have seen a video -- but she got it wrong.

Sources told NewsChannel 5 there was a video which shows one of the Pearcy brothers with an ex-girlfriend, who just happened to look like Holly Bobo. 

"They got to be desperate. This case has been going on way too long," said Jeff Pearcy.

The TBI won't comment.

Of course, it's possible there could be a video somewhere that shows Bobo after her abduction. Such evidence could help in the case against Autry and Adams.

But Autry's attorney Fletcher Long said he feels arresting the Pearcy brothers on what might turn out to be a false tip is a sign of desperation by the TBI

"They still haven't solved this crime. They seem intent on arresting everyone in the western part of the state. I'd be quite nervous if I lived on that side of the river," said Long.

NewsChannel 5 has learned Mark Pearcy willingly turned over all of his cellphones from recent years to the TBI.

If they don't and there are no new developments then charges against the Pearcys are expected to be dropped by the end of the month.

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