Art Exhibit Features 'Outside' World Of Prison Inmates

Art Exhibit Features 'Outside' World Of Prison Inmates

CREATED Jul 5, 2014

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – An interesting collection shown Saturday night at Nashville’s Art Crawl, highlighted the outside world of prison inmates.

The exhibit, "My Life is Outside: Everyday Photographs from Prison,” was created by students from Watkins College.

All of the personal photographs belonged to a prisoner in the State of Tennessee.

Sharon Stewart, the exhibit's curator, said the photos were chosen in order to show a deeper side of the inmates, rather than someone behind bars.

"I'm trying to show a bit more of their communities and their histories and just the reality what they are missing while being in prison,” she said.

Watkins College has announced more upcoming projects with prisoners.

In the next effort, students would work on a piece of art and then send it to a prisoner to continue working on it. They would collaborate together until the artwork is finished.