Hurricane Arthur Strands Tennessee Family In North Carolina

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Photo: Video by NewsChannel5.com

Hurricane Arthur Strands Tennessee Family In North Carolina

CREATED Jul 4, 2014

NAGS HEAD, N.C. - Hurricane Arthur actually came ashore at the best possible time, during the middle of the night, according to one family from Middle Tennessee.

The Baker family, from Fairview, Tennessee, who has been vacationing in Nags Head, North Carolina, was brought right into the eye of the storm.

“We booked this trip in November or December of last year,” said Jaime Baker.

The Bakers traveled to Nags Heads for a family reunion. NewsChannel 5’s Amy Watson spoke with Jaime Baker Friday, via FaceTime.

“[The] walls shaking and roof going off at some point and it was scary because it was definitely longer than storms we take shelter from back home,” she said.

She said her family hunkered down at their rental house -- located on the beach -- and rode out the storm.

“We didn’t have mandatory evacuations here, but a little ways down the road at Cape Hatteras, they did. I don’t know what you do or what we would have done. I’m so grateful we didn’t have to,” she said.

Despite this interruption, she said they're making the best of it.

“We’ve ordered a bushel of blue crab and stay inside or on deck and definitely not putting a damper on it,” she added.

Still, she hopes Arthur was her first and last hurricane.

Baker said they expected the State of Emergency to be lifted by Friday night so they can get back out on the roads.