Gas Prices Expected To Jump For July 4th

Gas Prices Expected To Jump For July 4th

CREATED Jul 2, 2014

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Nearly 35 million drivers have been projected to hit the road this Fourth of July weekend and if you're one of them, prepare to pay top dollar at the pump.

The last time consumers saw a significant jump in gas prices was six-years-ago when a gallon of regular unleaded was purchased for $4.

Prices aren’t expected get that high this weekend, but some drivers said they are doing what they can to beat the rush to the pump.

“They just keep going up and I know they make them go up during the holidays because everyone's going to be traveling,” said John Richards. “It's unfortunate it just can't stay the same.”

There is usually a dip in gas prices in June, but that didn't happen this year, partly because of the supply disruption in Iraq - which is a key supplier of global oil.

Even with an expected increase in gas prices, Triple A said there could be more people on the road in 2014, than last year.