Sylvan Park Historic Overlay Sent Back To Drawing Board

Sylvan Park Historic Overlay Sent Back To Drawing Board

CREATED Jul 1, 2014
by Todd Walker

NASHVILLE, Tenn - A bill which would have established more strict development guidelines in the historic Sylvan Park neighborhood has essentially been sent back to the drawing board, after Tuesday night's Metro Council meeting.

Tuesday was the second reading and public comment on the bill, which would have put in place an "historic overlay," protecting older, historic homes.

Dozens of people for and against the overlay gave their two cents during more than two hours of testimony.

Both sides brought their message loud and clear.

They both accused the other side of making false claims and using questionable numbers.

"They've been going door to door trying to scare people with misinformation telling them what they can't do to their house," said one woman who supported the overlay. "Most of the people who are opposed to this overlay already live in McMansions or don't live in the boundary of the proposed overlay."

A lot of those who support the overlay said it would preserve the look and feel of their neighborhood which many said is rapidly being overrun by houses that are much bigger and very out of character with than the older homes.

Opponents wanted to make a distinction between truly historic homes and just old ones which they said were dilapidated and just need to be torn down.

Several opponents also cited instances where a home set far back on the lot would not be able to expand forward or expand much at all.

"We hold dearly our property rights but more importantly we respect the property rights of our neighbors," said an opponent of the overlay. "We believe their rights should outweigh the opinion of what looks nice to everyone else particularly to a small group."

Councilman Jason Holleman, who brought the bill and represents the Sylvan Park neighborhood, said during his time on council he has never proposed a bill which has brought more than a dozen people to comment.

Holleman decided to defer the bill indefinitely to try and get more opinions on the matter.

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