Sumner Co. Approves Funding For Additional Judge

Sumner Co. Approves Funding For Additional Judge

CREATED Jun 30, 2014

SUMNER CO, Tenn. – Sumner County Commission approved funding Monday night for a new General Session Court Judge.

Until Monday’s vote, the county had only one General Session Judge, which created a packed courtroom, long lines and cramped seating on a routine basis in court.

A typical docket for Judge James Hunter included more than 400 cases which can sometimes lasted into the night.

"I think last year we did real close to 30,000 cases. Some years we've done over 30,000 cases," Hunter said.

There are so many people, the courtroom doors have to be left open just so people spilling out into the lobby can hear when Hunter calls their case.

It can take 3 months just to get a preliminary hearing, meaning defendants may have to sit in jail and cost the county time and money.

The new judge has not been selected yet, but will be begin the first of next year.

Other suburban counties, like Williamson, Rutherford and Wilson, all have multiple General Sessions Court judges.